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E-Interview Preparation.com's
Award winning course

"You have been nominated
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Our team researches the internet looking for the best sites in the area of aviation and using a VERY STRICT set of guidelines.

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More Pilot Testimonials:

"By the way the course is fantastic!the most helpful tool i've found for preparing for my interview."
- HR Peru

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Very skeptical at first as I am very much in favour of face to face courses. I decided to sign up as no travelling overseas was required, no vacation leave requests needed, as the course was available from home 24/7.

After completing the course material one word really describes it all. Every aspect of a pilot selection programme is covered in great detail. This course is a must for those who have just completed their initial pilot training and those like me seeking greener pastures. My last pilot interview was 16 years ago. Pilot selection programmes were very different back then, however I can honestly say that I can face any interview armed with all the necessary skills as this course does not leave any stone unturned.

Well done to all at E-Interview Preparation.com
- AN Italy

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"I was impressed with e-interviewpreperation right from the outset. The structure and knowledge within has been invaluable in my own preparation. I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone."
- AS New Zealand

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Like most pilots, studying is not my favourite pastime but working through all the courses was of no trouble at all for me. It gave me a clear idea how interviews are conducted and what the Interviewer expects from me.

Next month I will start with my new job back in Holland, thanks to e-interview preparation.com!
- JB Holland

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thank you! I got the job! English is not my first language, but your courses were easy to understand and just what I needed. I recommend it.
- JF Spain

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But first, here are the other facts you must know ... Your resume is just the beginning (your foot in the door) because ...

FACT #2: 81% of Airlines Will Not Ask You Back for Another Interview if You Do Not Pass the First Interview

This is why you MUST be polished, prepared and confident before the interview.

What you wear matters ... Your answers matter (what you say and HOW you say it -- they're watching you like a hawk!) ... and so much more.

Oh, there's so much I want to tell you about soaring through any Pilot interview!

But first, the critical facts ...

FACT #3: Airlines Will NEVER Give You Feedback on an Unsuccessful Interview

They can't! Here's why:

The HR manuals say so. And that's because they are not willing to reveal anything negative about you and risk getting sued.

It's that simple.

So if you're rejected, you get a canned denial letter -- without explanation.

They won't peep out a single clue to help you do better next time.

So -- without insider guidance -- you're likely to continue repeating the same mistakes ... getting turned down for interview after interview ... without even knowing why.

It gets worse. Because ...

FACT #4: If They Allow You to Reapply, Most Airlines Make You Wait 1 - 2 Years

Can you afford to wait that long with so few opportunities.

Your Pilot Resume CV and Cover Letter must knock the socks off the hiring executives, so you land the interview.

But that's only step one.

There's a lot at stake after the interview. You must be prepared for the sequence of events that lead up to getting hired, starting with the interview.

Because ...

FACT #5: Your Degree of Preparation Can Severely Impact Your Ability to Get Hired, the Progress of Your Career, and Your Income

You're smart. You know this.

That's why you've read this far.

And that's good because ...

You Are Not Alone

You and I are both Pilots. But I have something special that will give you the edge with your Pilot Resume CV Application and Cover Letter (and more).

I've spent years sifting through thousands of Pilot Resumes and CVs. I've interviewed hundreds of Pilots. I've hired many of them (and turned far more of them away).

I know exactly what the hiring side wants your Pilot Resume to look like.

And I'm here to help you through every step in the process, so you nail it the first time and get hired ASAP.

I've developed a Pilot Resume and Cover Letter Course -- a blueprint that's so simple and dummy-proof, any Pilot can follow it.

Here's a taste of what's included:

  • Pilot Resume and CV - How to pass the 30-second test
  • Pilot Job Applications - what to do and what to avoid; including paper and online versions
  • Pilot Cover Letters - How to build "Wow Factor" into each of the 4 parts of your cover letter
  • Pilot Thank You Letters - What they're for and how to use them to gain an unfair advantage in the Pilot hiring process
  • From-Scratch Tutorials - Watch as I create a masterful Pilot Resume and Cover Letter from a blank page by using sample resume and cover letter templates! You can too. Just follow along, and voilà... you're done!
  • FREE Professional Pilot Resume, CV and Cover Letter Review - get yours critiqued by an experienced pilot and insider Pilot hiring professional!
  • FREE Professional One-on-One Help - you'll get my private phone number and e-mail address to ask me anything you want to make the hiring process easier on you and increase your chance of success. This alone is priceless!

and get it right the first time
And it doesn't end there ...

This is just part of a comprehensive Pilot Interview Preparation Course.

So you won't get stuck at phase one.

Click the link below to discover everything you need to know to not only land the interview; but to sail through the entire hiring process ...